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I hope to breathe life into the following and project them into the world: ⚬ ArtCorrespondenceResidenciesPlanet Be: Writing Positive, Inspiring Science FictionHow To Be: A Self-Help MemoirWhite People Problems: Overcoming Race To Build DemocracyHumanissomeTend Her Bot: I maintain an account sharing Gertrude Stein's Tender Buttons with the Fediverse

All of the above represent the work that a fully-funded and pain-free Rob would like to do. Most days I just manage to get myself fed, do a little tidying, and enjoy the breezes (while I can). I will say more about each of the projects listed. This page is currently being revised.



Art is always ongoing. Abstract expressionist art is foundational to my psychology and philosophy. That does not change. Logistics change. Supply outweighs demand. Storage, transportation, and materials all consume resources. As I come to embrace degrowth and a simpler life with little income I choose to reuse materials. And for inexpensive relaxation I am enjoying coloring with crayons on paper. That leads to...



If you would like to receive mail from me, please let me know. Pain, covid, and lack of funds sure has diminished my socializing; but boy do I love letters! I'm in the process of sending out very many letters. One thing I've learned in the past, though, is that folks are bizzy. If I write long treatises to everyone I know it would be a bit of a burden for them and for myself. Not to mention that I could easily feel crummy if I do not receive many letters in return. Yet, as I said already, folks b bizzy. So, I'm sending out the crayon drawings I mentioned above, with very few words, and a QR code or link for those who want to know what I'm up to. I'm using up old cards printed with the Linktree QR (because I hate waste); so for a time my old Linktree is now a “choose your own letter” menu. Here's the current selection:
1000 words (estimated): Current Projects & Aspirations (this page!)

500 words: Being Careful Amidst Carelessness

350 words: What Pain Prevents

650 words: “I sort of only feel good when I'm creating...”

26 words: Appreciating The Destroyers

250 words: Planet Be, the positive science fiction story I aspire to create

That leads to...


Planet B(e)

The simplest explanation of the story I want to write is the one from the choose-your-own-letter section above:
250 words: Planet Be, the positive science fiction story I aspire to create
There's also a Planet B blog where I intend to collect and piece together the story, I think. Keep in mind I've never completed a good story before! Trying to write it online might be a terrible idea. I make all these sites, and share all these aspirations, for two main reasons: to encourage myself onward, and also in the likely event I never finish. No reason to keep ideas hidden. If I can't make progress, perhaps somebody else will. I don't even know if I'd mind that!


How To Be: A Self-Help Memoir

Another incomplete project with its own blog!


White People Problems

Here's a really tough one. That's enough for now. I'm sleep deprived, you know?



Another incomplete project with its own blog! And a second blog! And a YouTube channel! And a Twitch stream!



➾ Summer in Maine ➾ Christmas (or January) in Mexico Residency periods would enable me to focus on the incomplete projects above, while enriching my life greatly. I do not like Florida in July and August. And I always get sad around Christmas. I'll pick it back up again here. Good night!


Tender Buttons Bot

At least this exists! It's simple, and it exists. I do it for relaxation and inspiration. Black and white photo of Gertrude Stein by Man Ray with dark purple lettering spelling TEND HER BOT



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