I’m Rob.

Abstract painting and humanism are my survival strategies. Feeling good being myself is my life goal. Nothing that I care about makes money. I scrape by. I do need & appreciate help.

What I love to do includes: Making visual art. Conversations. Writing.

At the moment my body is in constant pain that's diminishing my ability to think and work – for example, I cannot decide whether to title this page Hi!, Welcome!, About Me, I'm Rob, etc. Confident decision making is disabled when my body pain short circuits my thinking. But I really want to move this project forward. I hope to return later to say more. In the meantime there's a lot about me online.

'20s: This blog's archives My social media hangout, @RMiddleton@mastodon.art My art gallery YouTube channel

To access my channel while avoiding YouTube try here: https://yewtu.be/channel/UCL97LK-afC_Js4K_RWRrRpQ

'10s: Archived in-depth interview

me in the local newspaper Me in the local newspaper

When my art hung at the airport

'00s: decade not found

'90s: Archive of my 90s website


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