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Hi! 🤝 I'm Rob, an artist and humanist. The generosity of others enables me to produce work that serves values other than market forces. Using the below-listed Payment Methods I accept donations in three categories: one-time, recurring, and donations in exchange for art.

Over 30 years ago I began a practice of abstract expressionism for mental healing. The art I create is deeply personal. It feels amazing when another human being finds connection in what I do. You may browse my work on Pixelfed, the fediverse's ad-free photo sharing platform:

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Contact me to talk about painting availability, request photos, chat:
Mastodon: or
Available paintings can be shipped most anywhere in thanks for your donation.

Payment methods
for a few dollars per month recurring patrons receive my sincere appreciation & occasional artsy communications

  One-time   Recurring
Zelle Liberapay
Venmo Patreon
Ko-fi Ko-fi
Cash App

Zelle offers no fee, nearly instantaneous bank to bank transfers. You would most likely access Zelle within your own online banking. Contact me for my phone number that is used to confirm Zelle transfers.

Liberapay enables recurring donations with many advantages. They are nonprofit and take zero fees. (Payments are processed through Stripe or Paypal. Credit card transaction fees are applied.) Donors may remain anonymous if they wish. Liberapay does not hound creators and patrons with endless notifications, new features, and all the nonsense that make every single thing we do a hassle. It's simple, safe, secure, reliable funding that does its one job and doesn't interfere with our ability to do ours.

Sliding scale donation guidance:

The height times width of a painting, in inches, equals roughly a retail price that would enable me to make a living. Anything from 50% of that to over 100% of that price may be acceptable, depending on your own circumstances (and keeping in mind costs of getting the art to you). In other words, a painting that is 8” x 10” may be exchanged for a donation from $40 to $80 or more.

Thinking is hard, it has occurred to me Of course I should have realized sooner, since thinking is very very difficult for myself—particularly decision making. And here I am asking those interested in my art to make several decisions on their own — plus do math! All because I don't like commercializing art. I promise to work on simplifying this process. Thank you for patience.


by Rob Middleton. Find me on Mastodon or on the links.
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