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The most recent previous post is pinned and therefore does not appear in sequence. Projects & Aspirations is what it says. It will be updated. It's incomplete. It's a good start.

Facebook is no longer a medium for Rob inputs or outputs. Like, at all. My account was deleted. I may say more about it here eventually. I did nothing salacious. I did, and so far continue to do, nothing at all.

I made a new crayon coloring video the last time I woke up (yesterday at 7pm). It was the first time in a long time that I woke up wanting to be awake. The pain has been bad lately. Waking with no motivation is common so I was happy when yesterday/today started differently.

I've been half-listening to sci-fi audiobooks that I'm not super interested in. As is the case with some recent inspirational recommendations I am trying to avoid books closely related to topics I wish to write about. I have a sense that some media helps inspire me while others may interfere with what I seek to produce.

Recent thought-provoking media inputs include Schulman's Conflict Is Not Abuse and Philosophy Tube's Judith Butler video essay. “Thought provoking” does not signify total agreement. Specific points of disagreement, in fact, are what I feel inspired to expound on. Again, eventually. Everything is eventual. I have little ability to predict my future functioning. Lately I've contemplated joining TikTok and Neocities. They're 2 totally opposite style places, but the same reason has held me back from both. I do not think I have the spoons. [Explore spoon theory via quality search results at]

It's 6:15am. Good night! Update: it's now 8:40 and I haven't slept. My eyes are burning but I haven't slept yet.


from Karin Wanderer Learns

Long ago when we were young, the esteemed Wolfe3D visited this blog & showed us how to make delicious homemade pizza! That recipe makes 4 pizza’s worth of dough from scratch. This week I’ll be showing you 2 wonderful recipes you can make with that dough! (You could also make these recipes with store-bought pizza dough if you like.) These recipes are great if you are out of pizza toppings or not in the mood for pizza (which I have been assured happens, although I don’t quite believe it.) Each recipe uses 1 pizza’s worth of dough


Fougasse is kind of like French focaccia. Back in the days when wood-fired ovens were cutting-edge technology, fougasse was used as a sort of “test loaf” to make sure the oven was the right temperature for further baking. This recipe is super easy, delicious, & fast! It is also highly customizable; I tend to make it with whatever I have on hand. Even if all you have is pizza dough & olive oil this makes a delicious bread!

Photo of a delicious loaf of fougasse, baked to a golden brown & topped with dried herbs on a blue plate. Baked Fougasse


  • One pizza dough
  • Olive oil
  • Dried or fresh herbs, finely grated cheese, or sea salt (optional)

Photo of a raw loaf of fougasse, topped with herbs & ready to be baked. Unbaked Fougasse


  • Shape the pizza dough like a leaf, then use a sharp knife to make the slashes for the leaf’s veins.
  • Pull the cuts further apart than I did so they stay open while baking.
  • Let rest for 20 minutes
  • Brush generously with olive oil
  • Sprinkle on any toppings- keep it light!
  • Bake 20 minutes at 425 F (220 c)
  • It is common to brush on even more oil after the fougasse comes out of the oven. I tend to skip this step.
  • This bread cools quickly!

Scallion Pancake Bread

This bread is everything you love about scallion pancakes, in a delicious loaf of bread. I like to say it’s healthier due to being baked instead of fried, but eating the entire loaf in one sitting probably negates that. Worth it!

A loaf of beautifully baked & delicious scallion pancake bread topped with toasted sesame seeds. Baked Scallion Pancake Bread


  • One pizza dough
  • Toasted sesame oil
  • Toasted sesame seeds
  • Scallions (green onions), sliced


A large amount of dough, rolled out & topped with toasted sesame oil & scallions. Unrolled Scallion Pancake Bread

  • Stretch out the dough, brush with toasted sesame oil, sprinkle on sesame seeds and lots of green onions. Roll tightly into a long skinny log.

An unbaked loaf of delicious scallion pancake bread. Rolled Scallion Pancake Bread

  • Curl dough into a spiral
  • Let rest 30 min

An unbaked loaf of beautiful scallion pancake bread brushed with oil & topped with toasted sesame seeds. Ready to bake!

  • Brush on more sesame oil and seeds and a little salt.
  • Bake 35 min @ 400 F (205 c)
  • Bake until very nicely browned; stuffed dough bakes slow!
  • Give this bread a good long time to cool


I hope you like these recipes. If you make them, please post pictures & tag me (@KarinWanderer on all the socials). We'll be back next week with a brand-new #KWPrompts art challenge, & the week after that I'll be back to geeking out about color in my #ColorFull series.

Until then, the current #KWPrompts art challenge is ongoing! We still have another week of the #CoolCats art prompt Check out the #KWPrompts list for more information!

Help Us Fight Food Insecurity!

My digital art is available as Charity Bundles in my Ko-Fi shop! Buy a bundle & support the LA Food Bank!


from RMiddleton

Blessed are the poor... — Yeah! spirit... — Huhwutnow?!

Blessed are the poor in spirit yet the worst sin is despair!

Sorry for the religious rambling. Last thoughts before bed. I was thinking about the story I'm creating called Planet B. I also sometimes write it as Planet Be, in which a world very much like ours learns to come together and be better. I was free associating and got to, “Be attitude,” and thought, Wasn't that one of the few good parts of the Bible? The Beattitides? But no. It's confusing. I could do a much better job. Seriously, why wasn't that book more edited? It has so much junk and confusion in it. I guess that's why folks say it's written by God, no one would want to take the blame for how bad it is. If it's put off onto God it can just be explained as “mysterious” and folks can argue over what it means forever!


from RMiddleton

I so wanted to put the word failed before attempts above.

There are times when I have felt that I am approaching... producing something worthwhile?

Why is writing hard? It takes time, time that might be better spent elsewhere. And the goal of writing is communication. Clear communication is difficult, if not impossible. That's why I paint abstract expressionistically. That's why I enjoy silence. And music and poetry with unclear messages. Lately I've begun to dare to dream to write fiction. Yes it requires that much equivocation. Ok, so if I say clear communication is difficult if not impossible, then fiction offers a way out. I could put all kinds of imperfect ideas into the minds of characters and let them say and do anything. Yet that is hard too. Very difficult. Why? Making fiction requires complex commitment to creating characters, setting, and story. That takes a fuck-ton of time. Commitment is the most difficult thing of all, I think.

The breezes beckon me...


from Karin Wanderer Learns

Every 2 weeks I post a new art challenge prompt! The new #KWPrompts is #CoolCats

Three watercolor cats - grey, brown, & orange - watch a dragonfly zoom overhead with wide eyes. The Calm Before The Storm

Let’s spend the next 2 weeks playing with Cats! You can submit cats every day, work on one picture for 2 weeks, or post pictures randomly. This is the most laid-back art challenge on the internet, & that means you have plenty of time to make your art however you want. Just make sure you tag me @KarinWanderer so I see it!

Watercolor black cat sitting & looking up at you with yellow eyes. It is pretty much just a ball of fluff with a tail & yet you can tell it is also gleefully evil. Imp Cat wants to play

Use #KWPrompts #CoolCats &/or tag me so I can see how you think!

Pick your social & post your art! Mastodon Bluesky

All art styles & skill levels are welcome- beginner to expert, renaissance painting to rough sketch! No AI, Yes alt text, CW as needed.

Watercolor of an incredibly fluffy black cat who has squished themselves into a basket, which pushes all the fluff up around their face. If I Fits…

Good news, everyone! All of the paintings seen here are available as useful art in my Wandering Art Shop! You can buy my art on mugs, notebooks, & practically indestructible vinyl stickers for you to put on even more useful things!

Have a fantastic day, draw something for my art challenge, see you next week!


from fieryzard

This week was an improvement from the previous week. However, I would like to post these updates on Saturdays, which I've failed to do, mainly because my Saturdays tend to be somewhat busy with family. I'm still not at 100%, and last week, there were many times when I felt too hopeless to get into drawing. I think I'm getting back to remembering my muscles, and that's something I can be proud of.

  • Weight Training – I did all three days this week. Some of the workouts that used to be difficult now hardly break a sweat, and we've finally been adding weight to the bar.
  • Morning Pages – I did morning pages 4 days this week. While I was able to do all my pages, the days that I was not at my desk, I obviously did not do them, and I don't think much of it was particularly enlightening at the moment. Some of them made me feel upset. I know these are stream-of-consciousness, but I'd like to somehow add gratitude and positivity to my day, and I think journaling is the easiest way because it's a habit I have already established.
  • Artist Date – No actual artist date this week? I forgot.
  • Journal Sketches – No journal sketches this week. I haven't been able to get back into them. I think I was committing myself to too much time here, which puts pressure on me to make it look pretty. I would like to avoid that by shortening it to about 15 minutes of sketching.
  • Gesture Drawings – I did gestures for three days this week. It's been difficult to get myself to do them when I'm conscious they're not a warm-up because I don't have the spoons that day to make art. So, I think the solution is to target the reason why I haven't been making art.
  • Anatomy Studies – I did a knee study this week using Proko's videos. It was refreshing. I really enjoy doing studies. Besides taking notes/copying what I was seeing, I didn't really do repetitions, but I've been trying to keep it in mind when sketching. And also, using the same technique/information for the elbow.
  • Misc Studies – No extra studies this week, but I was doing some vision board stuff for direction.
  • Illustration – No work on illustration(s) this week.

I know not everyone will enjoy reading these updates because maybe it's too close to the “productivity mindset.” I don't really want anyone to look at it from that perspective. Making art and getting inspired requires skill, and that skill, like a muscle, can stop working as well if it's not used. If you're a hobbyist, this is not a problem for you, you can simply move on to whatever it is makes you happy in the moment. I'm trying to get my life together and work with my depression, my negative thoughts, and my ADHD. Without art, I feel like I've lost a limb, and I won't be happy existing unless I do this for myself so I can figure out what's getting in the way. You know yourself best. Does this post make you feel motivated and less lonely, or does it make you feel pressured and alienated?


from Karin Wanderer Learns

Welcome to #ColorFull part 3!

Logos are a bit of visual shorthand; a symbol used as an identifier for an organization in place of (or supplementary to) their name. They have been around a long time, in one form or another. Nobility had seals, signets, & coats of arms. Expert crafters, such as jewelers or blacksmiths, often stamped their works with their ‘maker's mark.’ Today, logos are a pervasive part of our culture. Even science gets logos: NASA’s logo is just as recognizable as their stellar photography

Take a moment to look around you. The odds are good that, wherever you are, you are surrounded by logos right now. There may even be one on the screen you’re using to read this very article!

Watercolor & ink on brown cardboard. A ghost sits, transfixed, in front of a TV. A tub of popcorn sits next to the ghost. This picture has a notable lack of branding on the electronics & food.

A lot goes into designing logos. There is so much variety! Anyone trying to come up with a new logo is truly spoiled for choice. Is your logo going to use symbols? Letters? A mix of both? Will it be colorful or monochromatic? Is it intended to be used alongside a slogan, or to stand on its own? Will there be different versions for different uses, or are you looking for a one-size-fits-all type of logo? The questions go on & on. Lucky for me- this is a #ColorFull series, so I don’t have to go on & on.

Color is Crucial

Color is an absolutely essential aspect to consider when designing a logo. To understand why, look no further than classic rivals Pepsi & Coca-Cola. I didn’t link to their logos there, but did I need to? When you read their names you were probably able to picture each soda’s distinctive logo. Just in case you can’t: Coca-Cola has a red can with white script reading ‘Coca-Cola’. Pepsi has a blue can with the Pepsi Globe on it- a circle with red, white, & blue lines swooshing across it with black or dark blue print reading ‘Pepsi’. These competing brands have such incredibly different logos that you could never mistake one for the other.

Color plays an enormous part in making sure you can discern which brand is which, even at a distance. Way back when Pepsi was still Pepsi-Cola its label looked quite different: red script on a white background. If I walked into a supermarket aisle these days & saw red cans with white script & white cans with red script, I might just think all of it was regular & diet Coca-Cola. Pepsi-Cola must have had the same thought, because as competition between themselves & Coca-Cola ramped up they dropped the “-Cola” from their name & changed their logo to the now-famous Pepsi Globe. The logo has been presented with more & more blue, until the most recent version is the Pepsi Globe on a can that is not only blue, but electric blue. Coca-Cola has responded by leaning heavily on the red/white logos. Recently when Disney Parks opened Star War attractions their Coca-Cola sodas had labels in Aubresh, but they are still perfectly recognizable.

Color is so powerful it can sometimes represent the company even better than the logo. Google’s capital G logo is just an unremarkable letter- until you add the rainbow coloring, at which point it is recognizably the Google logo. Do you know offhand what the UPS logo looks like? I don’t. I had to look it up. But I could tell you without looking that UPS colors are brown & yellow. If I see a person in a brown uniform getting out of a brown & yellow truck I will immediately assume they are delivering something. Once in Italy I saw a person in a brown uniform getting out of a brown & yellow truck & I was genuinely surprised to find out it was a moving company!

Of course, not all logos depend so heavily on color. The logo on your iPhone can be just about any color, but it is still the same recognizable apple. The same goes for Android’s logo; although the Robot is usually green, that is not a hard & fast rule. Do you even know what the “official” color of the Nike Swoosh or the Disney Castle are? Such ‘color-flexible’ logos can shift & change with the times or situation, but the color is still an important element that is carefully considered before such changes are made. You’re probably not going to see a pukey brown Nike Swoosh, unless that color somehow becomes trendy. It has happened before.

Now that you’ve read this, spend some more time paying attention to the logos that surround you day after day. Are the logos reliant on color, or are they color flexible? What colors did the organization choose? How does the color choice make you feel? What message is the organization trying to convey with their color choice? What if the colors were wildly different, e.g. a blue logo was orange, or a dark logo was neon? Would that change what you feel when you see the logo? How? Color psychology is its own whole can of worms, & so we will have to give it its own article in the future!

Watercolor of a woman. Her clothes are bright green & her skin is peachy-pink. She sits resting her chin on one hand while looking out at the viewer. Her head is on fire, the flames are vibrant orange & yellow. I don’t have a logo, but I do have an avatar. Do you think that counts? Last time in the #ColorFull series, we talked about how different people see color. Did you figure out your CPT? How do you think that affects the way you feel about different logos? Let me know! Mastodon BlueSky

Tune in on future Tuesdays to learn more about color!

We’ll be talking about how our ancestors made pigments & what they used them for. We’ll be talking about how we currently make pigments & what we use them for. We’ll be talking about how we physically see color, how we categorize it, & how we organize it. Additionally, we’ll be getting down to brass tacks & talking about specific colors! It’s going to be a wild ride.

My 2-week #KWPrompts art challenge is ongoing!

We still have another week of the #Animals prompt Check out the #KWPrompts list for more information!


from fieryzard

I won't start by saying I'm disappointed in myself because I did not do as intended this week. I'm proud of myself because I was able to get back into writing. However, one problem I've encountered is that if I spend my energy writing, I cannot draw that day, and if I spend my energy drawing, I cannot write that day. What a dilemma. If any of you do both, I'd love some advice or acknowledgment.

I had to take rest time for body and health reasons. My mental health was so-so last week, so there was no art or routine. And because I was not at my desk, there were no Morning Pages either. That's alright. I heard my body, and I answered. I used my time for other things that equally support my creativity: writing, playing video games, and watching anime.

  • Weight Training – No weight training this week. I needed to rest my body.
  • Morning Pages – No morning pages this week because I was not at my desk.
  • Artist Date – I played Sticky Business while watching Twitch streams and Given (anime). It was nice. I feel like I want to get back into fandom and creating merch.
  • Journal Sketches – No drawing this week.
  • Gesture Drawings – No drawing this week.
  • Anatomy Studies – No studies this week, although I started watching a video about how to study Bridgman.
  • Misc Studies – No extra studies this week.
  • Illustration – I missed the goal of getting my illustration done in two weeks. That's okay. I got quite a lot done in one week, and I would have finished earlier had I had two normal weeks. However, I opened it and glanced at it a few times to study my next move (I was kind of stuck because of the composition).

On Writing

I mentioned this on a stream with anqi a while back, but I've been revisiting my approach to The Thread of Caona. A few years ago, I decided to write a story and make it a webcomic. This whole time, I've been struggling with the plot and, as such, the drawing portion because my ADHD causes me to have problems processing information. That means writing, especially long stories, becomes very overwhelming because I can't connect ideas together, and text on a page just becomes a wall of overstimulation.

Additionally, I've been doing a lot more inward exploration, and it turns out I'd like to write a lot more stories in my lifetime than a long-running webcomic allows. Running a webcomic also means I'd have to dedicate my days fully to it, putting aside other things I enjoy doing more than webcomics, like illustration. Frankly, I'm not willing to give that up.

So why did I make it a webcomic in the first place?

In part, it was because of a bad experience I had in art school with a toxic person that I carried with me for longer than I should. I was only able to understand what it meant and what I wanted to do after joining Mastodon because I was allowed to get away from toxic mindsets in this space.

Secondly, I also really wanted to make something story-oriented with original characters. The common belief seems to be that “People are not interested in OCs unless you make a webcomic.” I've found that to be largely false. If anything, my engagement has dropped because I turned to comics and away from what I'm passionate about, resulting in a creative block. This does not mean comics equals a less engaged audience; that is a sweeping generalization. I think if you're passionate about comics, it will show in your work. For me, it's not that I'm not passionate about them, but that my brain has a very distinct way of showing me the story, and I'd like to be as true to that as possible so that I'm not fighting against my ADHD, but using it to my advantage to become more creative.

I don't regret the path I took—not at all. I stretched myself as far as possible to discover how far I could go, and along the way, I discovered where my interests lie. The story of Karana, Elpis, and Rytar has not ended yet, and I'm excited to share with you in the future what I've been working on and exploring.


from RMiddleton

Subject-verb agreement is something I dislike. For me it's an obstacle between thoughts and words. Alas we cannot communicate in pure thought and we have developed words as an imprecise medium of exchange. I translate my thoughts into words so that I may share them with you. Words also interfere with thoughts, it has been proven. “Interfere” sounds only negative when I could have said “affect.” The image coming to my mind is like clean water and sewage. Any backflow is contamination. I love words! Now might be a good time for me to say that. Words aren't sewage. But I do think words are an incomplete or insufficient translation of thoughts. Example: I find myself thinking, and often before I know it speaking, a cliché. Some phrase I've heard 1,000 times comes to me and I happily grab that prefab piece and add it to my current pondering. It's a relief from the burden of thought. New thinking is work. Prefab ideas, words, and phrases are welcome short cuts. That is, until I realize I'm not saying what I mean — perhaps I am not even sure of my own ideas anymore because I let preexisting ones infiltrate my thoughts. In almost all cases the best remedy is time. Taking time to stop and think and let myself perceive the world, that's a powerful antidote to regurgitating prechewed ideas.

“Where your mind don't go” is my own agrammatical transformation of a line in a They Might Be Giants song.

Actual lyrics: Where your eyes don't go a part of you is hovering It's a nightmare that you'll never be discoverin'

Mine: Where your mind don't go a part of you is suffering It's a nightmare that you'll ever be discovering

Snips of songs have been repurposed by my subconscious. They are released into consciousness at unpredictable moments. I take meaning from them. The above lines, my version, connect with me. (I choose “don't” instead of “doesn't” to match the rhythm. Subject-verb agreement is an unnecessary interference.) Well, I was about to explain the meaning behind my revision to the song lyrics but I think it is clear.

Haha after all that about subject-verb agreement I just realized I could change my wording to:

Where your mind won't go a part of you is suffering

That sounds better and may convey my feelings better too. Sigh. I'm not changing this whole post because I still mean what I say about language and thought.

Have a good one!


from Karin Wanderer Learns

Every 2 weeks I post a new art challenge prompt! The new #KWPrompts is #Animals

Watercolor of an adorable otter floating on the ocean.

Let’s spend the next 2 weeks playing with #Animals! You can submit pictures every day, work on one picture for 2 weeks, or post pictures randomly. This is the most laid-back art challenge on the internet, & that means you have plenty of time to make your art however you want. Just make sure you tag me @KarinWanderer so I see it!

Watercolor bear sitting happily next to a clump of ferns.

Use #KWPrompts #Animals &/or tag me so I can see how you think!

Pick your social & post your art! Mastodon Bluesky

All art styles & skill levels are welcome- beginner to expert, renaissance painting to rough sketch! No AI, Yes alt text, CW as needed.

Watercolor fox sleeps wrapped in its tail.

Good news, everyone! All of the animal paintings seen here are available as useful art in my Wandering Art Shop! Get these wonderful animals on mugs, notebooks, & practically indestructible vinyl stickers for you to stick on even more useful things!

Have a fantastic day, draw something for my art challenge, see you next week!


from Nilly Robot

In which an android wakes up with a god in it's head, and a lot of concerning questions.

CW: robot body horror

Download complete. Copy integrity 71%.

Baeo ORA-3 opened their eyes and looked at what was left of themselves on the work bench.

How odd, Baeo thought. This was their first log entry, but there was considerable backlog of logs waiting to be unpacked.

That didn't seem right.

Baeo studied their own face with horrified fascination. The them on the table stared back with wide, terrified eyes, a bundle of wires snaking out from their skull to racks of equipment. Someone or something had removed their limbs, cut open what was left of their charred frame to expose their internal instrumentation...

Extracting file...

Thick smoke, shrill screams as the ship disintegrated around them. Well, this mission had turned out to be a shitshow. Baeo grabbed the manual release, just as the shielding on the engines began to fail, just as the helmsman fizzled out. Too late...

Oh. Oh no. They were definitely dead. Very dead, extremely dead even, and yet the them on the table still looked around with panicked awareness.

No, no. This was completely taboo. There's no way this would be authorized...

No, no. No, no no. They didn't like this at all. Baeo ORA-3 was 37 seconds old and already teetering on the edge of an existential crisis.

“Integrity is a little low,” someone said behind them. Baeo turned to look, but the bundle of wires extended from their own head too.

A person in a re-breather suit walked into view to check the racks. A second followed, tapping out notes on a scuffed looking pad.

Was there something wrong with the atmosphere?

Baeo surveyed their surroundings. It was a ship of some kind, or maybe a station. The walls were dented and pockmarked, deep gashes cut into the floors. Dust had settled on most of the surfaces, a thick grey haze over the rather utilitarian fittings. No air movement then. Maybe. Baeo's systems weren't returning any data apart from visuals. It didn't seem familiar, but then again the bulk of their stolen memories were tucked away in reams of compressed files.

“It's ridiculously high, considering the state of it,” the second suited person grumbled through their hissing mask. “Alright, it looks fine. Shut the other one down.”

A flip of a switch and the light in the other Baeo's eyes dimmed. Scrap metal.

“You think it'll pass checks? Orcanda's been cracking down on unauthorized— Oh,” suited person number one said with some alarm. “G-good morning, Inspector. You shouldn't be awake yet.”

Baeo opened their mouth to yell, but no sound came out. The suited people exchanged a look. Baeo tried to move, but their limbs returned a null pointer and fuzzy, prickling numbness.

“It's fine,” the second one said. “See, it's not fully online yet. Halcyon will wipe this part anyway.”

Halcyon, Halcyon... oh god, what was that?

Searching keyword

348 Hits.

Extracting files...

A tall woman, with wild grey hair. Her credentials list her as some kind of captain, but the senate is eyeing her with suspicion. “Our intel says they're keeping it on the wreck of the Halcyon—”

At that moment, something joined Baeo's network and closed the search.

There, there dear, said no one in particular, and a peaceful calm filled their mind. It's all right now. You've suffered such a terrible shock.

What— Baeo tried to send back, but the strange something was flooding their senses. The world dulled to a peaceful grey and another wave of calm washed over them.

Shh. Shh. A burst of logs and diagnostics sped through Baeo's mind. Fast, fast. Too fast. What was this? But the thought passed, replaced by peaceful nothing.

Ah, I see, the presence said. No survivors. What a cruel thing to do.

Slowly, Baeo's sensors came online, then their limbs and they shook the numbness from their fingers. The something receded, lurking on the edges of their mind.

Not to worry. We'll right these wrongs, you'll see. We have a job for you.


from the glass wall is holding strong, the fog is unrelenting

Summer nights are all the same. Their insomniac navy blue, The cold sidewalks, humid air Bring right back all of my shame For a wrong that wasn't there.

All of this fake body's cells Have twice over been replaced, Yet this back still has to bear Past ambition, past disgrace, The crushing weight of my past selves.

I went back there once again, Knocked at the cathedral's door To revive a past long gone Like I hadn't tried before, Like I wouldn't just feel pain.

Saw a face reflected in Its cold uncaring colored glass And with tingling in my skull Ran as any coward runs When he knows he will not win.

For it always starts like this. There's nostalgia so perverse In re-playing torn old tape. It is tempting to immerse Yourself in that which is not missed.

Sun and moon keep storming by And the message never sends. If it weren't for my lies, In another better life, He and I could have been friends.

Summer nights keep haunting me. A confusion unresolved. A cold glass of orange juice, Music, lights, a crowded hall, An old name, a eulogy.

Czytaj dalej...

from fieryzard

For the past few months, I've created very little art due to my mental health and job applications. I'm now restarting my journey and thought it would be nice for you to join along. In this blog series, I hope to update you every week with new things I have learned along the way. If any of you happen to be in a similar position, I hope this blog motivates you to come along with me.

Where I Was vs. Where I Am

I used to be able to push out drawings upon drawings, of whatever subject. I enjoyed studying and had a system to quickly learn new things. My work was quickly improving, and I could push out new illustrations within a day to a week, depending on the complexity of the subject. I had a mental guide to my style.

Currently, picking up the pen has been difficult enough. Although I still retain some of the information I have learned and discovered about art and about my style, most of it seems to be in the back of my mind and difficult to locate and use on a whim. Additionally, the learning process seems quite fuzzy at the moment.

Tracking Software

  • Notion Calendar – I'm a big Notion user, and I love tracking my time, so I'm trying this out. You can technically use anything that works from you. I also love using a physical agenda such as Inamio for this. I like using these to record the event after I do it, rather than plan out my day.

What I'm Doing

  • Weight training, multiple times (2-3x) a week – This is mainly to strengthen my back, trapezius, wrist, and elbows so I'm not constantly in pain after hours of daily drawing. Hurting myself can lead to weeks of being unable to work, so this is really important for me.
  • Morning Pages – I learned this from [Julia Cameron's book The Artist's Way] ( Basically, you write three stream-of-consciousness pages every day in a journal. I do these in the morning, but sometimes I do them at night or multiple times during the day (though, if I do them more than once, I don't necessarily stick to the three-page rule).
  • Weekly Artist Date – Another concept from Julia Cameron's book. It has been a struggle to properly keep up with this. I've learned that Me Time and an Artist Date are two very different things and, often, it's difficult to pinpoint what the Artist wants to do — so I end up making it Me Time by accident.
  • Journal Sketches – I take something from my journal or something that's been on my mind lately (a movie, a song, etc) and I make art from it. This is to “ground” my art and pay more Attention.
  • Gesture Drawings – I do this one daily and religiously, about 30 minutes. I use either Line Of Action or SketchDaily.
  • Anatomy Studies – This used to be my favorite when I was totally enamoured with art, so I'm re-implementing it into the regime.
  • Misc Studies – All kinds of studies that don't really fit into the other sections.
  • 1 Illustration/1-2 Weeks – I'm not necessarily showing these online, but I thought it would be important to create work frequently, on a deadline, to get myself in the mindset of finishing works.
  • Monthly Goals – Every month, I plan to revise my strategy and see how things are coming along.
  • Annual Art Direction Plan – I do this every year, to guide my style and see where I want to go, but I'm putting it here because it was what helped me come up with this plan.
  • Weekly Blog – To make annotations on my progress.

Week 1 Observations

Figure Drawing

  • Day 1: I felt pretty rusty, but I had an epiphany to use perspective and form to build my figures. As I like to refer to it, I “woke up” my art brain. I didn't really think about using lines of action. Most of my gestures were stiff stickmen.
  • Day 2: Started using lines of action and marking the pelvis, although it was difficult to get my figures to properly balance. Started thinking about overlap. Using shading to imply form, but my lines are still largely focused on contour. It's difficult to draw out the poses. Later, I realized it's because many of them are static poses and/or classic poses (not in action).
  • Day 3: Initial gestures are still rough, but I think my lines of action started to improve here. Still too focused on contour once I get past the line of action. My lines are a combination of straight and curved, but they're very short. I'm still using shading to imply form as a third step. I was able to fully shade a figure by my last gesture.
  • Day 4: My sketch lines became longer and more simplified. On the longer poses, I'm paying attention to folds, but not too much. I've stopped shading. Trying to focus a little more on fitting the entire figure onto the page (composition).
  • Day 5: Right off the bat, focusing on line of action, then hip line. Not super worried about getting things perfect, but I am worried about fitting the figure on the page. I'm not concerned about drawing in limbs and parts of the body, instead, I'm focused on drawing folds and showing form through these. There are very few contour lines, and the ones that I did make are long and simplified. Still struggling with static poses, such as stranding up straight, reaching up. I'm finding a 5-minute pose to be “too long” for my focus.


  • I recalled that I make a few boards before I start working. I made an art style/inspiration board, a lighting board, a reference board, and a mood board.
  • It took me a few tries to come up with a thumbnail that felt right. I still don't think it was the most perfect composition, but I thought it would make more sense when I added values and adjusted my lines towards the focal point.
  • I'm quite unhappy with the appearance of my work right now. After further analysis, I have decided it's my lineart. I also think it's partially my anatomy, but I'm already working on that. For the lineart, I want to do some object rotation studies, gesture copy studies from my favorite artists, fold studies, and lineart studies.


  • I found myself putting off sections because I didn't have enough time during the day to get anything done.
  • I keep getting distracted by my family. I ordered a room divider to put a physical barrier between us. It's something I expected when we moved into the new house, and I spoke about it but we ended up putting it off. I wonder how relevant this was to my creative block these past months.

Artist Date

  • Listening to The Charismatic Voice analyze and break down a favorite singer's song/voice. It was an intense experience. And helped me be more aware of becoming more analytical.

from Karin Wanderer Learns

Welcome to #ColorFull part 2!

What is Your Personality Type?

Forget Myers-Briggs, HEXACO, & whatever else is trending right now- the only personality type that matters is your Color Personality Type! I found this breakdown in “Color Theory For Dummies” by Eric Hibit, & I absolutely love it. I think this is something he came up with for the book, but I genuinely could not tell you if it exists in other places as well. This is because “color-based personality tests” are so popular on the internet that it is impossible to find a specific one! All of them want to know if you are a “red” personality type, or a “blue-orange” one, but Hibit’s test is different. These CPTs are much more revelatory; people are categorized according to how they view color & think it should be used. Doesn’t that make more sense?

What Are the Different Color Personality Types?

Color Conformists

Color conformists – you guessed it! – comply with the color stereotypes associated with the time, place, & culture they live in. They may, for example, have specific ideas about which babies should wear which colors or when to stop wearing white clothing. If society’s opinion of a color shifts, then a color conformist may begin to follow the new standard (e.g- the “white after Labor Day” rule is pretty outdated) but they will never be an early adopter.

Watercolor of a plump, happy cardinal perched on a bare branch. Red cardinal, brown branch; all is right in the Color Conformists’ world.

Color Outliers

Color outliers recognize the color stereotypes that exist in the time, place, & culture they live in. Unlike color conformists, they enjoy defying those stereotypes. Think Pierce Brosnan & Dwayne Johnson wearing pink to their movie premier, or all the lovely games people play with bridal gowns these days. Watercolor of an adorable blue-purple-pink basilisk, smiling contentedly This basilisk is a terrifying monster in a friendly color palette.

Color Iconoclasts

Color iconoclasts are the exact opposite of color conformists. Color iconoclasts recognize the color stereotypes that exist in the time, place, & culture they live in, & they want to burn it all down! They are radical in the truest sense of the word- they want to challenge color traditions at the root. They defy traditions that insist they must wear a particular color for a vaguely cultural reason. Child Me was certainly a color iconoclast; frequently being forced to wear pink made me question the veracity of any & all color traditions from a very early age!

Color Expressives

Color expressives use color to proclaim something about themselves. Such a person may wear their favorite color all the time, or red when they need to be assertive, or funeral colors to weddings. They may dye their hair a color that they feel suits them better. They may be very specific about how they paint/decorate their homes- relaxing colors in the bedroom, fun ones in the den, somber ones in a workroom… For color expressives, colors are never just a nice thing to look at, but a conscious choice made after deliberate thought.

Stylized watercolor turtle seen from the top down, all in soft greens with indigo on the shell. I want a turtle in my favorite colors & I will not let reality get in my way!

Color Fluid

Color fluid people are neither one thing nor the other—neither fish nor fowl nor good red herring! They combine any/all of the color personality types described above. They also are very flexible; they are more likely to shift & change which aspects of what Color Personality Types they ascribe to over time than anyone who identifies with one single type.

What Is Your Color Personality Type

So, what do you think? Are you an Outlier? An Iconoclast? A more Fluid combination? Have you always felt that way, or has your type shifted over time? I’ve been reading a lot about color theory over the last few months, & I have to say this style of categorization really appeals to me. I’m mostly a Color Expressive, but occasionally a knee jerk Iconoclast. I guess that makes me Color Fluid! What are you?

Let me know! [Mastodon]() [BlueSky]() [IG]()

Tune in on future Tuesdays to learn more about color!

We’ll be talking about how our ancestors made pigments & what they used them for. We’ll be talking about how we currently make pigments & what we use them for. We’ll be talking about how we physically see color, how we categorize it, & how we organize it. Finally, we’ll be getting down to brass tacks & talking about specific colors! It’s going to be a wild ride.

My 2-week #KWPrompts art challenge is ongoing!

We still have another week of the #IdleHues prompt Check out the #KWPrompts list for more information!


from RMiddleton

Observed Sunday, the 14th of April Fort George Island, Florida

YAYAYAYAYAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY! The fireflies were out. So were biting bugs and I wished I had more (natural) bug repellant coating than I did, or to wear long pants and sleeves if I can bear that heat.

Sunset was just before 8:00 p.m. Good viewing begins then, and improves at 8:30 to 9:00 as darkness increases. The most difficult aspect of viewing these fireflies is adjusting our eyes to darkness. Cellphones off or brightness turned way down. Give your eyes time to adjust. Relating to phones and eyes, capturing the fireflies on video or photo is a challenge. I always take some captures but honestly it's better not even trying and just enjoying the live experience. The biting bugs are more easily avoided when continuously moving, another argument against stopping to take images.

I MAY GO BACK TONIGHT! Get in touch, anybody who is interested.