Unending Series of Attempts

I so wanted to put the word failed before attempts above.

There are times when I have felt that I am approaching... producing something worthwhile?

Why is writing hard? It takes time, time that might be better spent elsewhere. And the goal of writing is communication. Clear communication is difficult, if not impossible. That's why I paint abstract expressionistically. That's why I enjoy silence. And music and poetry with unclear messages. Lately I've begun to dare to dream to write fiction. Yes it requires that much equivocation. Ok, so if I say clear communication is difficult if not impossible, then fiction offers a way out. I could put all kinds of imperfect ideas into the minds of characters and let them say and do anything. Yet that is hard too. Very difficult. Why? Making fiction requires complex commitment to creating characters, setting, and story. That takes a fuck-ton of time. Commitment is the most difficult thing of all, I think.

The breezes beckon me...


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