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Three latest video posts are previews of what's to come. That is, if I stick to what I have planned currently. The threat of burnout is likely and financial pressures are mounting. Enjoying the process > results is key. For now I hope to adhere to the schedule

Sunday, March 17, 3:30 repeating 2 weeks later It's a book club, it's a support group, it's a new religion:

2 captions:
Sunday, March 17 & Sunday, March 31, at 3:30, I'm hosting “EQ* book club” in my studio at home. It's open to all, but limited to a small group. Contact me directly. I made this video in attempt to show how the gathering might begin. Since the video is bad quality I'll summarize here: About 5 minutes of introduction as your host before I sit down and lead off with about 10 minutes of sharing about personal growth. (In this case I spoke about creating and hosting this event.) Once someone finishes speaking at the actual gathering, I envision a few seconds of silence, after which anyone may constructively comment on what was shared. There may or may not be discussion. Then someone else may share their own personal growth aspirations or a source of inspiration. Round and round like this, with many breaks, for less than the length of a Marvel movie. *Like IQ, EQ is a measure of emotional intelligence. Truthfully I don't put stock in such things being able to be expressed as a quotient. I do believe in something like “emotional intelligence.” I think it can be improved with practice, and that's what I envision doing for a couple of hours every other Sunday (maybe; always confirm with me directly). I call it book club because it's a similar format, coming into a home to sit and discuss; and if you bring a selection from a book or other media to share, that's great!
Sunday, March 17, and 2 weeks later, Sunday, March 31, I am inviting 6-8 people into the studio for what I have called EQ Book Club. I've also called it my new religion! This video gives some idea of how it might start, but the video is really bad 🙃 so here's a summary: I speak for about 5 minutes of welcome as host, then I sit down and share thoughts and feelings about personal growth that I'm working on. (In this case, I spoke of hosting events, putting new ideas into the world.) When we gather, my 10 minutes of sharing would be followed by a few seconds of silence; then if others would like to share a constructive response they may and that could lead to discussion. Then someone else may choose to share aspirations, a personal growth anecdote, or a source of inspiration. Round and round, with frequent breaks for snacks or whatever — for the length of a Marvel movie (or less). At the end of the vid I say it's a gathering with no purpose, no agenda other than to feel good. I value moments of calm. They are rare. Easy for me to fall into patterns of explanation, justification, defense, offense, condemnation, escape. I aspire to just be, be happy, be healthy, breathe, smile, relate to others kindly. “EQ book club” is biweekly practice for living that way. It was awkward to make this video bc I don't want anything about this gathering to be a performance. At the same time I had promised to share some idea of what to expect. Also the sound is bad. If I can I'll add captions. (I couldn't easily.)

Monday – Thursday, March 18-21, time TBD Streaming at

The following videos are partial previews of content that may be expected in scheduled streams on Twitch:

Also see:

Altogether that's an attempted commitment for 6 days of a few hours at a time. Beyond the time it's a significant emotional effort. I say “attempted commitment” because as of today, March 13, I cannot predict my solvency or functioning on March 31. I have great fears that the things that matter most to me will never keep me alive financially. “Money can't buy happiness.” Moreover I suspect that it is explicitly impossible to build wealth while maintaining a healthy life. After all, focus on the pursuit of money has not lessened conflict among humanity and is rapidly making our planet uninhabitable. I seek sponsors who might be curious to see what writings and ideas I may create if I continue.


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