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#100DaysToOffload is a tag created to encourage bloggers to post 100 days in a year. #1000TabsToOffload is a tag I came up with to describe my contribution to the 100 Days, sharing tabs I have been keeping open:

Manifesto for a Humane Web

A look at search engines with their own indexes

free stickers and temp tattoos

You Don’t Have To Hate Your Job To Want A Union

Glossary of ableist phrases

fedivision song contest

Primer: Primer is a music podcast about translation and illumination. In its first season, music writer Yosuke Kitazawa (PBS SoCal, Light in the Attic) joins Christian Dueñas to explore Japanese City Pop.

We Are the Curators of the Web

Púsāmán: To a Female Friend, By Qiu Jin Translated from Chinese by Yilin Wang

software you can host yourself

We need to finish building the Fediverse

To Stop Climate Change, We Have to Learn How to Love


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