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The post below is a Planet B blog crosspost. I am playing. Current idea is for the A portions in the Planet B work of fiction to resemble personal blog reflections. I am merging my expressions of feeling and my fictional character's expressions as an exercise. For further information read Planet B

For this year's Pride Month I aspire to share something gay every day.

Body Positivity I enjoy being naked in my house. I live alone but I do believe if I lived with others I would appreciate a clothing optional home. I believe I would appreciate a clothing optional world — optional means each person decides what they wear. I believe some locations would want to require clothing, for safety reasons not shame-based reasons.

It is my “extreme” position that humanity must love all humans. That includes every human's body. (And mind!) There is more to biology than sexuality. There is no reason to have to wear clothes except for comfort. (Safer = More Comfortable, when all variables are considered).

And what of the risk of a rise in violent sexual attacks? Pledging to Respect Consent is central to the the social compact. Jury determines, beyond reasonable doubt, the veracity of accusations for this and all crimes against the social compact. Professional in the justice process guide the case for and against the accused. Accused would be detained until trial in cases of repeat offense or sufficiently dangerous accusation. Filing an accusation that fails to convict puts the accuser on trial for breaking the Compact. This high bar is considered a deterrent to malicious accusation. Like all portions of the Compact the details of the Justice System are subject to revision by majority vote. Elections occur at regular intervals as close or as far apart as is deemed best for society. [1]

※ [1] Current daily decision making within the justice system is in the hands of legislators and executive employees. (Of course I considered inventing a judicial branch role, then realized that my system does away with judges I believe. I replace them with bailiffs, or whatever title is decided. This professional (executive) employee maintains the fairness of the system that runs as voted by the peoples' representatives. The peoples' representatives who are elected at regular intervals, for now. (Yes I am deciding to use poeple + s-apostrophe not people + apostrophe-s.)) By Compact those executive employees agree to carry out decisions of the legislature as determined by the chief executive. (The chief executive may be called president if that's what folks prefer, but I believe chief executive to be the clearest title. I do not recommend CEO. Oooooh. Maybe I do! Maybe that's a twist that my good movement co-opts corporate language while also making humanist policies that reform current harmful corporate ways. Just a brainstorm right now, but the capitalism lingo is often straightforward. Boards. Board Chairs. Chief Executives. Quarterly Reports. Why would we discard every existing structure? We would not. We would reform when possible. Retain experts. Divert all energies towards beneficial projects. Ensure comfortable standards of living and health care for all. (I had to ADD health care — as if it were not already part of living! — because I'm from the ludicrously self-harming United States!!!!) Beneficial projects are encouraged by elected expert oversight boards that enforce regulations passed by larger elected bodies. A necessary commercial regulation is transparency so that citizens and expert bodies may keep informed of all workings of all corporations (that are themselves a freely assembled group of people). Other regulations pertain to safety standards. Safety standards include the physical and mental health of all who work in every corporation. (Again I can't believe I have to argue that safety includes health!) Corporations are not formed by rich people looking to get richer. Corporations spring naturally from a free market of ideas. Free speech, free association, and in no time humans are thinking up group endeavors. A huge number of group endeavors require no pre-approval. More freedom than most people experience today. Within a social compact that vows to eliminate all harm. Harm that can be prevented is prevented. Acts of intentional harm break the social Compact. Accusations are processed in the manner described above. I think I need to add: .)


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