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title above is just cuz titles help with blog organization. I considered that title for what appears below but will omit it if it appears elsewhere. It may become the caption to my 2nd planned stream of consciousness video on YouTube.

Create Share Separate Relate Pause Feel

Create without filter. Thinking, feeling, being alive are the source of creativity. Hinder none of these.

Share. I’ve chosen to be an artist. Many lovely people are designers and marketers, but I am not. I am an artist.

Separate. Creating, sharing, and relating can be separate acts. (Feeling happens at all times but I made it a separate list item as well to encourage myself to embrace feeling.) Idea formation can be separate from sharing. Ideas can be created, considered, modified, and shared or not. Shared material can be separate from how I relate to others. There is zero requirement that what I create and share relates to others. What I create and share impacts me and through me my relationships. No one is required to consume my content. Not even me a second time. Respecting separation helps. My purpose in creating and sharing without filter is to reinforce positive self development. To be unashamed of impulses. To be free. To process thoughts into words. To become better at understanding what I mean, saying what I mean, and knowing that I mean what I say. These practices seem likely to increase my confidence, calmness, and positive outlook. That result would improve every relationship I have. I have zero requirement that my creative output be praised or purchased. Criticism of my creative output is also irrelevant. I'm now making for the act of making. The cliche is finally true.

Relate. I am not alone. I live alone. My satisfaction in solitude influences how I create. Yet I am a social being. I love all in theory, several in practice. Within my chosen family, feelings of love, respect, appreciation, and acceptance are not dependent on justifications. They are not earned. Their quantities are not limited. All that has been true despite how difficult it can be for me to show up. My motivation to create is therapeutic. Improvements in my creative practice may help me. The better I'm doing the better I can relate to others.

Pause. Sleep. Read. Listen. Walk.

Feel. Embrace feeling. Accept every feeling. Enjoy feeling. Experience the connection of feeling and physical. This connection is responsive.

Support is appreciated. Support is separate from creation. I am going to do it anyway. I'm also happy to send physical art to anyone who wants it, no payment required. Those who would like to know more about me see


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