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The most recent previous post is pinned and therefore does not appear in sequence. Projects & Aspirations is what it says. It will be updated. It's incomplete. It's a good start.

Facebook is no longer a medium for Rob inputs or outputs. Like, at all. My account was deleted. I may say more about it here eventually. I did nothing salacious. I did, and so far continue to do, nothing at all.

I made a new crayon coloring video the last time I woke up (yesterday at 7pm). It was the first time in a long time that I woke up wanting to be awake. The pain has been bad lately. Waking with no motivation is common so I was happy when yesterday/today started differently.

I've been half-listening to sci-fi audiobooks that I'm not super interested in. As is the case with some recent inspirational recommendations I am trying to avoid books closely related to topics I wish to write about. I have a sense that some media helps inspire me while others may interfere with what I seek to produce.

Recent thought-provoking media inputs include Schulman's Conflict Is Not Abuse and Philosophy Tube's Judith Butler video essay. “Thought provoking” does not signify total agreement. Specific points of disagreement, in fact, are what I feel inspired to expound on. Again, eventually. Everything is eventual. I have little ability to predict my future functioning. Lately I've contemplated joining TikTok and Neocities. They're 2 totally opposite style places, but the same reason has held me back from both. I do not think I have the spoons. [Explore spoon theory via quality search results at]

It's 6:15am. Good night! Update: it's now 8:40 and I haven't slept. My eyes are burning but I haven't slept yet.


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