Blessed are the poor... — Yeah! spirit... — Huhwutnow?!

Blessed are the poor in spirit yet the worst sin is despair!

Sorry for the religious rambling. Last thoughts before bed. I was thinking about the story I'm creating called Planet B. I also sometimes write it as Planet Be, in which a world very much like ours learns to come together and be better. I was free associating and got to, “Be attitude,” and thought, Wasn't that one of the few good parts of the Bible? The Beattitides? But no. It's confusing. I could do a much better job. Seriously, why wasn't that book more edited? It has so much junk and confusion in it. I guess that's why folks say it's written by God, no one would want to take the blame for how bad it is. If it's put off onto God it can just be explained as “mysterious” and folks can argue over what it means forever!


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