I Don't Fight My ADHD, I Respect It*

* Alternate titles: I Roll With It, I Make It Tea, I Break Bread With It, I Befriend It, I Comfort It, I Coddle It, I Cuddle It, I Kiss It, I Ride It, I Surf Its Waves, I Embrace It, I Endure It, I Accommodate It, I Hang Out With It, I Tell Ghost Stories Around A Campfire With It While Making Smores

This Blog Is Changing

I cannot say for certain from what into what. Writing this should help me figure it out. In good news — for me; this is all for me1 — I can say that I have made decisions!

New for 2024 I'm moving my messy thoughts into piles. They aren't going to get organized suddenly but this initial classification is progress. I hate the word piles so I'm moving to a rooms metaphor. To start I have to go back. (It's always been that way since Winnie-the-Pooh.2)

Prior to beginning this blog I started other fediverse (WriteFreely) blogs using the free instance Paper.wf. Well, here is where greater sponsorship would be so nice — cue my When I'm fully funded dreams! Paper.wf sometimes goes away from the internet for a while, and since I'm not paying and have no relationship with its maintainers I certainly cannot complain about that. So I started writing here. I gave it the name Humanissome because that's “one of my brands” and I do desire to explore my humanist philosophy in writing. But is that what I've done at this URL so far? Not much.

I talked on Mastodon about my multi-blog cravings, to which a reasonable person replied that I would do well to use tags on a single blog. Well... I'm not doing that! I've done that before and it just isn't sufficient to tame my disordered brains. I am going to physically carry my boxes of words into different rooms, with the goal to assemble... new metaphor alert Yes this will do nicely:

Ideas come quickly, in from all directions, unannounced and at any time. Some ideas are minuscule. Some are quite large. Some come in clusters, pieces already put together. I have a strong sense that I can combine many of these idea pieces into bigger and maybe better creations. As of 2024 I am —
I got carried away into enjoying metaphors that may take over the meaning. But I want to push through. Editing comes later.
Let's imagine my ideas are some of my favorite building toys of childhood: Rig-A-Jig, wooden blocks, Legos and Lincoln Logs. (If these are unknown to you, think of IKEA furniture parts, electronics components, anything at all that can be combined to make bigger and maybe better things.) The separate blogs I'm maintaining are separate rooms and I'm putting all the Rig-A-Jigs in one room, all the wooden blocks in a room, etc. Because like ideas are designed to go together. But the thing is, you see, I do like playing with many of these concepts together. My Lego men like to walk through the world of wooden blocks. Maybe I could make a cool Rig-A-Jig canopy atop one of my buildings made of blocks. And then there are the Matchbox cars! And of course I put my grubby little hands (and, let's be honest, mouth) on all the toys; and I often customize them with stickers or by coloring them with markers. Phew! It's a lot. Let's get out of this lavender square.
My ideas interrelate, if only because all my ideas have me in common. My ADHD has typically been great at receiving ideas and terrible at whatever-the-next-step. These Fedi blogs are the next step. I am not planning to abandon any of them. I may try to re-title some to make them more accurately labeled. This one in particular would be better to be named after ME as it has veered quite far from thoughts on humanism into thoughts on just one human. I am hoping that I will figure something out.

The other place I'm excited to be compiling writing currently is:
https://paper.wf/how2b/ · @how2b@paper.wf · RSS feed
In that room I'm pouring out the pieces that assemble into an account of my journey to mental wellness. [3] In other spaces coming soon I plan to collect my thoughts on humanism and, finally, one new room will be the nursery for my first attempt at solarpunk science fiction!

1. If you're reading this you're an absolute nut. A doll. Welcomed graciously. I'll make you some tea if you'd like. Or a glass of wine? Well I'm having tea. The wine is from a box, I hope that's alright. I think it's fine. But this particular creative state I'm in thrives on putting aside any concept of an audience.
2. “Oh help, I'd better go back. Oh bother, I shall have to go on.”
Having the Winnie-The-Pooh stories read to me at bedtime by my mother are some of my earliest happy memories. I choose this quote to accompany my senior year high school yearbook entry. I carried the hardback The World Of Pooh (complete stories) with me to college where I read at bedtime to a couple girls who lived the floor below me in my dorm. Sweetness 3. No reason to comment anything at all as to whether I've made a journey to wellness or not! I will say instead that as cute as colored suprascript is for notes I think barebones footnotes are just as good actually better. Now to hit Publish and see how all this actually looks.


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