Hi! 🤝 I'm Rob. For over 30 years I have practiced abstract expressionism for mental healing. Thanks for your interest in my work. The art I create is deeply personal. To know that another human being finds connection in what I do feels amazing.

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Available paintings can be shipped most anywhere in exchange for a donation of your choosing. The guidance I offer is this:

The height times width of a painting, in inches, equals roughly a retail price that would enable me to make a living. Anything from 50% of that to over 100% of that price may be acceptable, depending on your own circumstances (and keeping in mind costs of getting the art to you). In other words, a painting that is 8” x 10” may be exchanged for a donation from $40 to $80 or more.
Contact me to talk about painting availability, request photos, chat:
Mastodon: or
Pixelfed: or
Payment methods
for a few dollars per month recurring patrons receive my sincere appreciation & occasional artsy communications

  One-time   Recurring
Zelle Liberapay
Venmo Patreon
Ko-fi Ko-fi
Cash App

Zelle offers no fee, nearly instantaneous bank to bank transfers. You would most likely access Zelle within your own online banking. Contact me for my phone number that is used to confirm Zelle transfers.

Liberapay enables recurring donations with many advantages. They are nonprofit and take zero fees. (Payments are processed through Stripe or Paypal. Credit card transaction fees are applied.) Liberapay permits donors to remain anonymous if they prefer. And unlike the for-profit options Liberapay is not hounding creators or patrons with endless notifications, new features, and all the nonsense that make every single thing we do a hassle. It's simple, safe, secure, reliable funding that doesn't get in the way of work. (By comparison, Patreon takes a fee and wants us all to spend as much time on Patreon as possible. Ko-fi does not take a fee, does want to waste our time. Heck, I'll amend the chart!)

Additional info comparing the payment methods above:

  One-time   Recurring
Zelle no fees, lean, instant Liberapay lean, no additional fees, credit card processing fee
Venmo no fee, slow Patreon bloated, fees
Ko-fi bloated, no additional fees, credit card processing fee Ko-fi see entry at left
Cash App no fees, slow (? I think, no one has used it in years)
PayPal credit card processing fee

I hope none of this information would discourage you from giving, using your preferred method. These details are simply facts of life. I'm happy when I receive a payment notification from any of them! In a discussion as to whether I had a default method of getting paid, I replied with one of the truest things I've ever said:

I accept money every way that it is offered to me.
* In case you're curious the words enquiry & inquiry have the same meaning, same etymology. Inquiry is used more commonly in all cases in the United States. Elsewhere a distinction has developed that reserves inquiry for investigations and enquiry for other requests, such as expressing interest in a painting. So, why use an ambiguously spelled term when you could have phrased it otherwise? That's just how I am, baby!


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