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First and foremost I appreciate you. If you're reading these words you're already several clicks off the main road. That is something to celebrate. I am honored. To contact me use one of the ways at the bottom of the page, under the R-). If you are interested in one of my paintings please see this page.

Some folks choose to financially support what I do, for which I'm very grateful. We are all on different paths through this life. My path is a slow one of thinking and creating, with few financial rewards. While our paths have crossed you may offer me help using one of the links below. I hope that my writing or my painting may be some form of help to you. For a few dollars per month recurring patrons receive my sincere appreciation & occasional artsy communications.

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My paintings are available, shipped most anywhere. The height times width of a painting, in inches, equals roughly a retail price that would enable me to make a living. Anything from 50% of that to over 100% of that price may be acceptable, depending on your own circumstances (and keeping in mind costs of getting the art to you). In other words, a painting that is 8” x 10” may be exchanged for a donation from $40 to $80 or more.

Art is communication. The transferring of art reinforces positive human contact between the creator and recipient. (It's why I don't even understand the debate over AI “art.” Knowing that a person made something is what makes an item art. Decorative objects not produced by humans are qualitatively different things.) My reverence for art is not to justify illogically high prices! I want those who want my art to have it. In fact, I first started down the road to exchanging my art for donations because I wanted to accept amounts on a sliding scale. If you'd like a physical piece of my art for free in the mail please get in touch.

In this YouTube video I explain my belief that Art Is Service, Not Product:

I would enjoy making more videos in the future when I'm fully funded! (That's my replacement phrase for when others I know say, “when I win the lottery...”) I am sure I will make videos again. My current focus is rebuilding my online life in noncommercial spaces. A portion of donations that I receive via the Fediverse will go back into the platforms and individuals who make my presence here possible.

 * Zelle offers no fee, nearly instantaneous bank to bank transfers. You would most likely access Zelle within your own online banking. Use one of the methods below under the R-) to contact me for my phone number that is used for Zelle transfers. Return to 🔝   ** Liberapay enables recurring donations with many advantages. They are nonprofit and take zero fees. (Payments are processed through Stripe or Paypal. Their transaction fees are all that are applied.) Liberapay permits donors to remain anonymous if they prefer. And unlike the for-profit options Liberapay is not hounding creators or patrons with endless notifications, new features, and all the nonsense that make every single thing we do a hassle. It's simple, safe, secure, reliable funding that doesn't get in the way of work. Return to 🔝

The art and writing I create is deeply personal. To know that another human being finds connection in what I do is gratifying.



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