Sweets for My Sweet

Every so often on this blog, we take a break & share a recipe instead of talking about art. I’ve shared my favorite vegan cake recipe & my best plum tea. Wolfe3D shared his pizza recipe in my first collaboration! Would you like to share a recipe in a future blog post? Let me know!

Close-up photo of a delicious brownie.

We’re Making Brownies!

This is one of the oldest recipes in my collection. It is both simple & easy. According to my exhaustive research, there are infinite brownie recipes on the internet. There are prettier brownies, there are fancier brownies- but I can make these when I’m down to my last spoon. To me, recipes like this are invaluable!

Photo of a bowl with the wet ingredients for brownies & a cup with the dry ingredients. A square glass baking dish & rubber spatula wait next to them.


Photo of brownie batter in a square glass baking dish.


Close-up photo of a delicious brownie.

Quick History Lesson

There are many different stories about who invented brownies. The most popular claim is that brownies were created for an event at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893. I would have thought such a simple, delicious dish was much older!

The mouth-watering top of a pan of brownies.

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