Have a Cuppa Tea

Every 2 months or so on this blog, we take a break & share a #recipe instead of talking about art. Last time Wolfe3D shared his pizza recipe in my first collaboration. The time before that, I shared my favorite vegan cake recipe Would you like to share a recipe in a future blog post? Let me know!

This week, we’re making Plum Tea!

Two glasses full of iced tea sit on a counter. The glasses say "Bubble Up" & have straws sticking out of them. This recipe is delicious hot or iced.


*I used Apricot Medley (#NotSponsored) this time, but have made this recipe in the past with many different herbal & black teas. Part of the fun of this recipe is getting to experiment with whatever tea you like!


Close up photo of gorgeous burgundy simple syrup.

A pitcher is one-third full of ice & gorgeous burgundy simple syrup.

Tea is being poured from a dark blue teapot into a pitcher full of ice & simple syrup.

I love that this one recipe makes both drinks & snacks, with minimal effort. The hardest part is waiting for the syrup to cool!

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