Pizza Time! Part Deux

Long ago when we were young, the esteemed Wolfe3D visited this blog & showed us how to make delicious homemade pizza! That recipe makes 4 pizza’s worth of dough from scratch. This week I’ll be showing you 2 wonderful recipes you can make with that dough! (You could also make these recipes with store-bought pizza dough if you like.) These recipes are great if you are out of pizza toppings or not in the mood for pizza (which I have been assured happens, although I don’t quite believe it.) Each recipe uses 1 pizza’s worth of dough


Fougasse is kind of like French focaccia. Back in the days when wood-fired ovens were cutting-edge technology, fougasse was used as a sort of “test loaf” to make sure the oven was the right temperature for further baking. This recipe is super easy, delicious, & fast! It is also highly customizable; I tend to make it with whatever I have on hand. Even if all you have is pizza dough & olive oil this makes a delicious bread!

Photo of a delicious loaf of fougasse, baked to a golden brown & topped with dried herbs on a blue plate. Baked Fougasse


Photo of a raw loaf of fougasse, topped with herbs & ready to be baked. Unbaked Fougasse


Scallion Pancake Bread

This bread is everything you love about scallion pancakes, in a delicious loaf of bread. I like to say it’s healthier due to being baked instead of fried, but eating the entire loaf in one sitting probably negates that. Worth it!

A loaf of beautifully baked & delicious scallion pancake bread topped with toasted sesame seeds. Baked Scallion Pancake Bread



A large amount of dough, rolled out & topped with toasted sesame oil & scallions. Unrolled Scallion Pancake Bread

An unbaked loaf of delicious scallion pancake bread. Rolled Scallion Pancake Bread

An unbaked loaf of beautiful scallion pancake bread brushed with oil & topped with toasted sesame seeds. Ready to bake!


I hope you like these recipes. If you make them, please post pictures & tag me (@KarinWanderer on all the socials). We'll be back next week with a brand-new #KWPrompts art challenge, & the week after that I'll be back to geeking out about color in my #ColorFull series.

Until then, the current #KWPrompts art challenge is ongoing! We still have another week of the #CoolCats art prompt Check out the #KWPrompts list for more information!

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