It's Not All Black & White

Every 2 weeks I post a new art challenge prompt!

The new #KWPrompts is #Monochrome

Watercolor forest elephant waving Hello with his trunk. Some subjects are already monochromatic, which makes things easy

Let's spend the next 2 weeks focusing on what we can do with one color at a time.

Digital monochrome yellow drawing of a superbloom of yellow flowers in the desert. The sun beats down, the fw clouds in the sky do nothing to block it.  The mountain chains in the distance seem hazy. This art challenge is a tribute to the #NDDoodle challenge, now retired

Use #KWPrompts #Monochrome &/or tag me @KarinWanderer so I see your art

Show me how you think!

Ink painting of polar bears on a snowy background. One bear is sitting upright, the other is sleeping. Don't sleep on this art challenge!

Pick your social & post your art! Mastodon Bluesky IG

All art styles & skill levels are welcome- beginner to expert, renaissance painting to rough sketch! No AI, Yes alt text, CW as needed. Have a fantastic day, draw something for my art challenge, see you next week!

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