Limited Palette

Every 2 weeks I post a new art challenge prompt!

The new #KWPrompts is #LimitedPalette

Watercolor of enormous butterflies hovering above pine trees, silhouetted against mountain chains stretching off into the distance, wrapped in mists too deep for the sun to burn off. Two colors

What counts as a “limited palette” is up to you! Will you limit yourself to only 2 colors? Only analogous colors? Only neon? Let's spend the next 2 weeks focusing on what we can do within these arbitrary boundaries. Would you like to learn more? Check out is Hazel Soan’s The Art of the Limited Palette (#NotSponsored)

Watercolor of a crescent moon hanging in a deep purple sky over a distant snow-capped purple mountain. A pine forest grows from the base of the mountain to a wide lake, which reflects the trees, mountain, & night sky. Three colors

Use #KWPrompts #LimitedPalette &/or tag me @KarinWanderer so I can see how you think!

Pick your social & post your art! Mastodon Bluesky

Watercolor of a green glass bottle lying on its side. Three colors

All art styles & skill levels are welcome- beginner to expert, renaissance painting to rough sketch! No AI, Yes alt text, CW as needed.

Watercolor Runner duck surrounded by blue & yellow dots. Three colors This duck was supposed to just use yellow & sienna, but then I splattered it with blue from another painting & didn't notice until it had dried. Always protect you work, friends, & be prepared to roll with your mistakes!

Have a fantastic day, draw something for my art challenge, see you next week!

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