Cool Cats

Every 2 weeks I post a new art challenge prompt! The new #KWPrompts is #CoolCats

Three watercolor cats - grey, brown, & orange - watch a dragonfly zoom overhead with wide eyes. The Calm Before The Storm

Let’s spend the next 2 weeks playing with Cats! You can submit cats every day, work on one picture for 2 weeks, or post pictures randomly. This is the most laid-back art challenge on the internet, & that means you have plenty of time to make your art however you want. Just make sure you tag me @KarinWanderer so I see it!

Watercolor black cat sitting & looking up at you with yellow eyes. It is pretty much just a ball of fluff with a tail & yet you can tell it is also gleefully evil. Imp Cat wants to play

Use #KWPrompts #CoolCats &/or tag me so I can see how you think!

Pick your social & post your art! Mastodon Bluesky

All art styles & skill levels are welcome- beginner to expert, renaissance painting to rough sketch! No AI, Yes alt text, CW as needed.

Watercolor of an incredibly fluffy black cat who has squished themselves into a basket, which pushes all the fluff up around their face. If I Fits…

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Have a fantastic day, draw something for my art challenge, see you next week!

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