All I Really Want Is Birds!

New #KWPrompts: #Birds

It’s that time again! A new prompt for my bi-weekly art challenge! I have been thinking a lot about birds lately. Join me! Watercolor duck walking past groups of people who pay it no mind.

I Had A Visitor Recently

Photo of a falcon perched on a power line, looking off to the side. This gorgeous friend came & peered in my window the other day. I have been drawing birds ever since! I think this is a Juvenile Cooper’s Hawk.

Put A Bird On It!

For the next 2 weeks my art prompt theme is birds. Show me your birds! Don’t want to draw a whole bird? That’s OK too Watercolor branch with a bird of prey's talon clutching it (rest of bird is not pictured).

The Boy & the Heron

Starting this art challenge was one of my new year’s resolutions. Another resolution was to use art to motivate myself to leave the house more. This might sound silly, but I am agoraphobic so bribing myself to go out is necessary! This month my art excursion was going to a movie theater to watch the latest Studio Ghibli movie. It was gorgeous, & it had so many, many birds in it! I’ve never seen a Ghibli movie on the big screen before. I am so happy that I finally did! (#NotSponsored) Pencil sketches of 2 long feathers.

Show Us Your Birds

Want more birds? You’re in luck!I posted new pictures of birds with the art prompt at the links below. Check them out & share your own!

#KWPrompts #Birds

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Have a fantastic day, draw something for my art challenge, see you next week!

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