Welcome to dotart.blog – mastodon.art's sister site for longer-form posting!

This is a WriteFreely instance; whereas Mastodon is a microblogging platform, WriteFreely is more like WordPress in that it's for longer form writing; poetry, stories, blog posts, etc. will all be very welcome here.

WriteFreely uses markdown for formatting, can support images, you can skin your blog with CSS, and it has cool features like draft posts, scheduled posts, pinned posts that show up as navigation links at the top of your blog (like an About page), excerpts, and RSS feeds (see the full list here ).

Invitations are limited to control growth (DM me at @Curator if you'd like an invite) and keeping it small, for now. Please only request an account if you have a use for a blog to post long-form writing that goes beyond the character count of Mastodon posts, but consider that for things like posting images and just adding on a bit of extra description, you can use threads on Mastodon (replying to the original toot to provide more information).

I'll also be using this as Curator as an off-site 'backup' account in case mastodon.art ever goes down – for people to get updates – and to post extended information (the kind of stuff I usually make a Patreon post for) in a format that's accessible inside the fediverse.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's writing! :D