.Art emoji credits

This is linked from https://mastodon.art/about and will be updated as new emoji are added

The “help describe”, honk_canada, and the pride knives emoji were created by @t54r4n1 and used with permission. Thank you! <3

The animated spoons emojis were created by @tiarael

The :squee: emoji was made by @bitterbatwingss

The :artotter: and :mermaid3: emojis were made by @andecoas

The Capybara emojis were created by @ll @Bronzebart @eLTeh @NeptunianAvenger (on mastodon.art) and https://queer.garden/@moiety

The :artexplode: dynamite emoji was provided by @RalfSingh with lineart from Nina Dordevic and Colors by Ralf Singh.

The 'Minette” emoji was created by BetterTTV user MadLittleCat

:mastocheck: emoji created by Pierre

Custom Camera and 35mm emojis created by @MattMaber/ https://mattmaber.com

Blobfox and BunHD emojis from https://volpeon.ink/projects/emojis/bunhd/

:merp: emoji created by @ziphi

:zattyrhino: created by @zatnosk

:artgoblin:, :capybutt: and :spookybutt: emojis created by @GoblinHellion

:beebutt1:, :beebutt2:, pride butterflies/ghosts/octopus emojis created by FrazzledBryn

:disabled_solidarity: created by @binoclard

:blobcateyescoffee: , :BIPOCAutisticPride:, :hammock: :sharesloved: :PIKApp: :cassowary: by @Aldercone

:friendlove: made by Willow and used with permission: @Willowbone

mayaheart, kurosmile and kuro_lying made by @Vhalesa and used with permission

Dragon emojis from https://github.com/chr-1x/dragn-emoji