Defederating from Universeodon

(This, and all post on this blog, are for the members of This particular post has received unintended broader audience, but as with all announcements here, they are intended for the community.)

We've decided to defederate from Universeodon. This comes following a pattern of behaviour from the admin that makes us uncomfortable, particularly regarding:

“would it make sense to potentially remove report post from public/local and public timelines? this could alleviate some policing and focus people towards managing their timeline and the agency they have there not sure if that’s even possible but may be worth experimenting with”

While obviously any admin can run their instance as they see fit, the undercurrent of these messages and behaviour is at a direct odds with how .art runs our instance and how we'd like our corner of the fediverse to be; where the wellbeing of our community is proritised, in an ad- and corpo- free space. We're defederating from Universeodon to maintain the integrity of the space we occupy in the fediverse; we don't want to be federated with an instance that prefers growth over safety and equates making money, especially from the likes of Meta, with 'legitimacy'.

We're moving to a silence now, and will fully suspend in a week, allowing you time to make plans to preserve any connections you might have there.

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