arte + life lessons with an anti-racial-capitalism lens

What gets you closer to your dreams? Get specific with the life of your dreams, regardless of how far-fetched it might feel like. What can get you closer to your visions? Or even if it's not the life of your dreams, it's something close to it – being open to an experience that could potentially teach you more about yourself and the way you are in the world, that expands your horizons of what life can be like if you dare to enter new realms

  • Realms that require you to believe in something beyond yourself and to believe in and trust yourself – to be able to change, adapt, release old habits and baggage
  • Realms rooted in liberation, in love, in ways where we challenge to engage with one another that break generational oppressive patterns – from the smallest 'day-to-day' to the bigger picture ones.
  • Realms that remind us of not only the importance of connection to one another, but of our innate interconnection and repairing how we engage with it in a white supremacist capitalist cisheteropatriarchal society that teaches us otherwise.
  • Realms that remind us that life is an experience within and beyond the self

With love and in solidarity, Amor as Lucha ko-fi | website | mastodon

This has been a series idea for literal months, that i've played around making in diff mediums, but a public blog entry feels right in this moment :)

Disclaimer: This is a series specifically created for other folks living at the intersections of being racialized, working class, LGBTQIA+, neurodivergent, which are my own experiences. If you are not part of these groups but find something that resonates for you, that's great! just keep in mind your meaning is not all the meaning there is/ is intended. I work to be informed by disability justice, abolition, decolonization, socialism/communism – and i still have a lot to learn from/about them

These are reminders for those of us who have loved art and artistic expression for as long as we can remember, but as kids/youth rarely if ever received encouraging messages from our caretakers at best, and were actively discouraged from seriously pursuing art and creativity in our lives at worst.


I want my content here to be primarily offerings – things you can try on your own that i'm either in the process of trying out myself, or have tried/learned a version of a thing already

I write these for you, and i write these for me too. Expressing visual art ideas with words and putting them out there / materializing them in this way is very helpful for me, like a coach or an artist friend cheering me on.

I hope you can get something for yourself too, and if you ever wanna share how what i offer has impacted you, i'd love to know! just reply to this post or from your masto instance :)

rocks in foreground with the light blue river on the horizon on a sunny day I define sketchbook journaling as pulling something from the day, and making something in a sketchbook about it.


this is a repost of a patreon post

disclaimer: all photos i share on my posts are my own. photos of art are of my own art unless otherwise noted

hi y’all! hope you have a lovely start to your week! First things first, i wanna say:

my hope with sharing my writing here is that it resonates to you whether you identify as an artist or not. If you feel called to share how anything of what i make has resonated, please leave a comment let me know via mastodon, i’d love to know! With that in mind, here goes my first actual share with you all.

photo of street at sunset, with full moon peeking from behind a brick building

Right now, I’ve been finding myself tuning into what i actually want to do with art. Not what i think is expected of me or what i’ll be able to sell eventually. And tbh, it’s more of a journey rather than question-and-answer situation. First of all, having this choice in the 1st place is a privilege – I’m only able to afford to do this because i have a full time job that pays for my needs.


this is an edited repost of my Patreon post

Hey y’all,

Thank you for making your way here

In full transparency, i have gone through a few self-doubt sessions of “do I even get to do this?” to “why would anybody care about what i have to say?” and while i haven’t totally overcome those doubts, i wanna try this anyway, cause i’ve wanted to have a space for writing abt art and life and community for a long time.

black and white digital radial-symmetrical doodle of random shapes

I’m shifting from posting on IG into other platforms that I will hopefully have more control over, like here and mastodon. If you'd like to learn an (almost too-thorough 😅) zine about everything that's gone into my decision to quit ig, you can check out this e-zine i made about it

Who are you again lol? First things first, I don’t do art professionally, but (I’d like to think) it’s more serious than a ‘hobby’. And this patreon blog is more so an opp for you to be a part of this journey with me and to ehrm… hold myself accountable cause now i’ll have an audience for my plans and dreams 😅 I don’t know how long i will keep this patreon going but this step feels right in this moment


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